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A Carer Passport scheme can help schools coordinate and connect up their support for young carers through a whole school approach’. In a college or university, a Carer Passport scheme can be tailored to give the right support to student carers.

Schools need to create a safe environment where young carers and families feel understood, valued and supported. A Carer Passport scheme will help schools make this a reality.

It supports the early identification of students who are young carers or and improves staff understanding of their personal circumstances and individual needs. Once a student is identified, a Passport will trigger an ‘offer’ of a range of personalised support within the school and can act as the gateway to appropriate support for their family. 

A Carer Passport in colleges and universities would be broadly the same as a Passport within schools, but with some additional features that reflect the specific needs and circumstances of all ‘student carers’ - both ‘young adult carers’ and mature students with caring responsibilities.